What to do during the Star Wars Celebration?

The Star Wars Celebration has lots to do! Don't get overwhelmed!

If you are any type of Star Wars fan then you need to be in Anaheim, California from August 27th-August 30th. This celebration caters to fans of all ages from all over the world to celebrate and show love to the revolutionary Star Wars franchise. Whether you are a history buff and appreciate the classic Star Wars material or are a modernized fan, there is something for everyone to do! There are immersive exhibits, an interactive show floor, exclusive merchandise, screenings, panels, celebrity guests, fan-inspired activities, autograph sessions, cosplaying, costume exhibitions, and many more surprises that won’t be revealed until the celebration! While currently tickets for Friday and Saturday are sold out, you have the option of Thursday/Sunday tickets which are $75 for an adult and $35 for a child (aged 6-12 and children tickets can only be bought WITH an adult ticket.) This article will talk about a few of the fun things that you can do while attending this event!

Different Types of Stages:  There are nine types of stages: the Celebration Stage, the Galaxy Stage, the Family Area, the Twin Suns Stage, the Fan Stage, the Collectors’ Stage, the Podcast Stage, the University Stage, and the Star Wars Show LIVE! Stage. One of the top rated stages is the Celebration Stage because of the amazing panels that will be held, the deep conversations that will be had between attendees and celebrity guests, as well as the live events! 

Guests:  One of the most alluring parts of the Star Wars Celebration is the star-studded guest list. Guests like cast and crew from across the saga as well as pop culture personalities, artists, writers, and celebrities who love Star Wars will be in attendance. Fans from all over the world come in hopes to meet these guests, receive autographs, and get photographed with some of their idols. The 2020 guest list has not been announced yet but in the past there have been appearances from J.J. Abrams, George Lucas, Kathleen Kennedy, Mark Hamill, and many more! 

Cosplay Competition: Where there’s Star Wars, there’s cosplay! If you have taken the time to perfect your makeup skills, practice choreography of fight scenes, and made your outfit perfect right down to the last embellishment then you will be interested in entering the cosplay competition! If you are not as artistically inclined as some people are then viewing the awe-inspiring work of these cosplayers can be just as fun to watch! Both veteran and amateur cosplayers join this competition in order to share their skills, craftsmanship, and talent! Free to enter, and free to see! 

Exclusive Merchandise: Another allure of the Star Wars Celebration is all of the exclusive merchandise at this event. Ranging from legos, to pins, to action figures, to clothing, to toys, etc. people from all over the world come here to get a chance to nab some these exclusive items. Just like the guest list, exclusive merchandise has not been announced yet but in the past people have spent hundreds and even thousands of dollars on obtaining these coveted treats.

There’s much to do and much to see during the Star Wars Celebration, and as more and more information is revealed the celebration will just get better and better. See you in Anaheim!