Drivers in Pennsylvania Need to Read This! They Can Save Hundreds of Dollars in Auto Insurance

Don’t spend an extra dime on auto insurance before reading this!

{Location_Tag}: What you pay for your current policy isn’t necessarily the competitive rate you can find online. You may be leaving savings on the table and this information was being kept from the general public of Pennsylvania...until now. Let’s find out how you can save hundreds of dollars every year. All it takes is a few clicks!

After a thorough review of hundreds of auto insurance companies, data has shown that around a dozen of them are now offering significant discounts to ‘low-mileage’ drivers. The worst thing is most people don’t know this and pay too much. There are discounts on your auto insurance that you might qualify for if you checked. Your car’s automatic headlights, safety features or your personal record of getting no tickets/DUI’s etc. are all valid criteria to make you eligible for a discount on your auto insurance.

Thousands of drivers have realized they’ve been paying way too much for their car insurance and it’s because they didn’t have access to the information you’re about to learn in this short article.

If you've had no driving violations and no DUI's in the last 3 years, most insurance companies will give you a sizable discount on your premiums. If you've had no accidents in the last 3 years, you can save even more.

The biggest drop in auto insurance rates happens after you turn 25, and further discounts occur after you turn 40 and 55, so your age can also contribute to substantial savings.

Why is the general public not aware of this valuable information? Because the insurance companies benefit from you not knowing it! The Consumer Federation of America found that “premiums are set based on the maximum amount a consumer is willing to pay.” This means the insurance companies will always charge you as much as they possibly can, because they know that most people won't shop around for lower prices... because most people believe that auto insurance prices are pretty much the same everywhere.

But that's not true. Insurance prices can be very different, and you can get significant discounts, just for being a low-mileage driver. So, you should compare rates from multiple different insurance providers immediately, to see which one has the best rates and discounts for your particular situation.

We've found this simple process can save you up to 32%!

But, it's important to know that rates and policies change frequently, so it's a good idea to recheck rates every few months, or even every month, to make sure you're always getting the maximum discount. This only takes a few minutes each time, but could save you thousands over the long term.

How Much Can You Save?

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