5 Fun Friend Date Ideas

Having a best friend can get boring. Spice up your hang outs!

It is always fun to go out with a romantic partner but what about going out with friends? Often times you can feel in a rut while hanging out with friends. It can feel like the same hangout routine every time you guys do something, or if there is some variety, it is very little. It is important to maintain any friendship by spicing up activities that you can be doing with them! 

1. Spend the day at the museum There are many different types of museums whether you are interested in traditional art museums or more zany museums based on specific topics, you guys can bond and connect over what you see, as well as enjoy each other’s company. If the museum you go to is near any restaurant you can turn it into a whole day together by either visiting the museum then finishing up with a meal for vice versa. Either way you’ll have fun!

2. Bake/Cook If you and your friend both have an affinity towards food then have fun with it! You guys can either challenge yourselves to making creative dishes, or you can make weird dishes, do blind taste tests on multiple food creations you guys make, and many more! The food game options are limitless and you can pretty much do whatever you want. This activity requires a bit of prep and some cleanup afterwards but will definitely be a fun idea to spice up your hangout routine!

3. Go Bargain Shopping If you and your friend love fashion, do it on a budget! Go to multiple thrift store locations, and have fun. You can pick out outfits for one another to try on, or just shop for yourself and get a second opinion from your friend. You can also make a game out of it by choosing a theme like "Retro 80’s Disco", and finding the best outfit to match whatever theme you pick. The shopping fun is endless!

4. Go on a (Safe) Adventure If you and your friend have an open day, then take that time to explore! If there’s a nearby town you’ve never been to, take the time to go to that town’s “downtown area” and explore the local mom and pop shops, local restaurants, and whatever feature that town has to offer. Make sure you’re aware of the area, and know how to get home! It is also important to know the nearest police station and hospital just in case of an emergency. This adventure can be a nice way to not only bond with friends but also potentially find new shops that you love!

5. Go on a Hike Many places have hiking trails, nature preserves, any type of outdoorsy experience can be a fun one! Pack a lunch and make it a picnic! You can enjoy the sights and sounds of nature while in the company of your good friend.

There are many ways to spice up a friendship so making sure that both of you are putting in that time, energy, and love can make the relationship stronger. Going outside of the norm of your friendship routine can be a nice way to change your pace at a comfort level you both like. Have fun!